Who are Angelcare Southern Limited?

Angelcare Southern Limited are a well established family based domiciliary care company located in West Sussex. 

The reason why Angelcare was founded:

"My grandad became very ill and was diagnosed with dementia, I have experienced first hand how devastating this disease can be and how it can really affect the individual and the loved ones around him. Grandad was always a lovely, active man who always had a big smile on his face and would hold my hand whenever I was feeling sad. As I grew older grandad started to become more confused and seemed to not recognise faces as much. My loving nan stepped in and became his main carer. After being married for years she took her wedding vows of till death do us part and devoted her whole life to grandad, she really loved him. Sadly my nan passed away one morning looking after my grandad and despite the confusion due to his dementia, grandad was heartbroken. Nanny was always the anchor and she kept everyone going so it felt like our whole family was broken. Unfortunately grandad deteriorated and passed away this year. Our family is heartbroken and would like their legacy to live on. I know how much they would love this idea of caring for those with dementia and the elderly and I have dedicated this company to them and their memory."

Georgie Denyer - Managing Director

Our Offices

In each of our offices we have a wall mural of our logo. This mural was designed by our very own Georgie Denyer, she drew and hand painted this herself adding a delightful personal touch to our work space. This logo represents our duty of care to our customers and those loved ones we have lost looking out for us.

Where to find us

Find us Online

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