A guide to domiciliary care

What is domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care is a care service that is offered to those who wish to continue living in their own home but need assistance with a variety of daily tasks. These can include domestic tasks, personal care, looking after pets and any other actions that enable the client to maintain as much of their independence as possible and keep their quality of life high.

Domiciliary care can also acts as a precious source of companionship for the clients who live alone, we understand that it is not always possible for family and friends to visit everyday and this lends itself to feelings of loneliness. Having a carer come in every day, or just a few times a week will help the client feel more comfortable, safe, as well as not feeling as though they are being left behind. Due to this, domiciliary care can also help boost client mental wellbeing as they are receiving the companionship that they need. Our carers are trained not only to provide physical care but are also there to provide emotional support and reassurance to the client in times of stress.

The benefits of domiciliary care:

One of biggest advantages to domiciliary is that the level of support can be altered so that the clients independence level remains as high as possible. In addition to this, the client gets to stay in the environment they feel most familiar and at ease, their home. Moving into a residential home can be very stressful and in some cases causes more harm than good for the individual. Having a carer who comes in a for as little as 30 minutes a day could allow the client to avoid this unnecessary stress and is well worth considering.

How domiciliary care works with Angelcare?

If domiciliary care is an option that you or a family member could benefit from we at Angelcare are eager to help. Firstly you will need to contact one of our team members and let us know your current situation. Following this, one of our fully trained field assessors will come and visit your home and discuss the options with you in further detail and see what level of care is required. We will then created a fully bespoke care plan designed to meet your unique needs. Our care plans will take into consideration your current routines and will enable you spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

If at any point your care needs change we will still be there to offer our support and will adjust our care services to fit your new requirements. For us at Angelcare, keeping our clients safe and comfortable is our highest priority.

If domiciliary care is a option you feel is worth considering then please get in contact with us today by either phoning us on 01243 952400 or emailing enquiries@angelcaresouthernlimited.co.uk and we will spend time working out what is best for you.


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