Choosing a Home Care Company

Choosing a care company can be a very stressful situation for the client and their loved ones. Whilst all care companies are regulated and quality checked, it is still a big decision choosing who you want looking after yourself or your parent/s. Below we have provided a list of steps that should be taken into consideration when determining which care company is best for you.

Determine the needs:

Firstly, the type of support that will be required needs to be determined. If it is simply help cleaning the house and making meals then the type and cost of care package will differ from someone who requires 24/7 care. Making a list of all the things that a carer would have to do will help care companies you contact better understand what package they'd need to provide and will be able to quote more accurate prices.

Working out a monthly budget:

Knowing your budget will allow you to see the range of care companies and packages that are available for you to access. The prices in the domiciliary care industry are very competitive and so in most cases will not be determining factor as to what company you choose, however it is still wise to keep an eye on the finances as it can add up over time. Domiciliary care is almost always cheaper than choosing to move into a care home so financially it is a better option. Care packages can also be part or fully funded by the government and it is worth seeing if this applies to your situation or seeing if the care company can looked into to this for you.

Carry out research:

Look online for different care companies in your area and speak to them, list the needs of the person requiring care and the budget to see if you are the right fit. Angelcare offer care packages for people with a vast range of needs and will create a bespoke care plan designed to fit in with their daily routine, helping make the transition into home care as seamless as possible.

Reach a family decision:

Once you've determined the previous steps and selected a care company, it's best to have a final discussion with the person having the care and see if they're still are happy with everything. Sometimes there is no way round the fact they need home care but they should still be able to air their concerns and get their opinion across should they feel anxious about it.

Why Pick Angelcare:

Now you know the main factors you should consider when determining a care company lets see why Angelcare should be top of your list:


Our prices are very competitive, and represent amazing value when you consider the quality of care you receive. The price will vary dependent on the needs of the individual and financial aids may be given if you meet the criteria.

Carers and Training:

Our carers are some of the best around, have a passion for care and love making the day to day lives of our clients better. We receive countless calls/letters from our current clients complimenting our carers and the positive impact they are having on their lives. They also understand their role in supporting the clients family throughout their time with us and maintain a friendly, supportive and professional relationship with them as well. Using both our in-house and online training courses, our carers are prepared for an array of different situations and will be able to safely and efficiently handle it, giving both the client and their loved ones peace of mind.

Range of services:

We offer an extensive range of services and can curate packages for all different types of customer. From full time care to hour-long calls a few times a week, we offer bespoke packages for everybody.
We also provide additional services outside of domiciliary care such as cleaning services which besides helping keep the house clean, will also be an opportunity to get to know our staff if you don't need care yet but may do in the near future.

Our full list of services can be found here.

Quality Assurance:

We are regulated by CQC (Care Quality Commission) and frequently complete internal spot checks on our carers to ensure they continue to maintain the high standards of care we expect from Angelcare carers. We also request a full DBS check before anybody can begin working with clients or gain access to their information to further ensure our clients are in safe hands.

Once you've selected the care company for you or your loved one (hopefully it's us), the care package will begin. Committing to a home care company will enable the client to maintain their independence for longer and keep their quality of life high as well as providing a little more peace of mind for there loved ones.

If you feel that Angelcare are the company to provide you or a loved one with the quality home care you deserve then please call us on 01243 952400 or email us at enquiries@angelcaresouthernlimited.co.uk


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