Living Alone & Downsizing

Losing a partner is a very difficult thing to process and will drastically change the daily routine and lifestyle of the person they leave behind. The house can suddenly feel very empty and things can get on top of them very quickly. Everybody deals with the loss of a loved one differently and should not be told how to work through it however there are a few things that can help with the loneliness.

Try to get out the house and meet new people:

Staying in the house can make the days drag and it will become very apparent that they are in the house alone. Going for a walk can help take their mind off things and will help maintain a connection to the community they live in. Its possible that they might bump into friends or local dog walkers and can strike up a conversation with them, this could lead to new friendships forming and can ensure that feeling of being part of the community. The exercise also will be great for their mental health and stop the body for seizing up, meaning they can avoid becoming house bound as well for longer.

Attending a walking group, joining a bingo league or book club are all great ways to get out the house a few days/evenings a week. It is also another opportunity to meet new people, there is also a chance that there are other people there in the same situation and this will act as a common talking point, they may even be able to give some advice on how to deal with losing someone if they have previously gone through the same experience.

If they are unable to move independently then reaching out to a home care company can be a way to still get them out of the house regularly and know that they are safe and with a good company who want to provide them with quality care.

Have people over:

Becoming a host of a weekly activity such as a dinner party or book club can be an effective way of keeping the house busy. Knowing they're having guests over will ensure that house chores are kept on top of and can decrease the risk of depression/lack of motivation from creeping in. It also provides a social element and allows new memories to be made in the house which in some cases can help dampen some of the pain and difficulty living in the house alone.

Get a Pet:

Getting a pet is one of the best tools to combatting loneliness and depression associated with the passing of a loved one as they can provide that person with a renewed sense of purpose. Taking care of a pet is a new responsibility for them and they will be the main provider for someone again. The routine will also provide structure for the day and will mean they have set tasks to do everyday which can help prevent boredom slipping into their life's. They also provide constant companionship and can make them feel less alone. Depending on the animal, taking them out on walks may be necessary which gives them a reason to go out and get some exercise and improve their own health by reducing stress and lowering blood pressure. It can also encourage social interactions with other dog walkers or friends. There will also no doubt be days were they feel low and upset which is yet another reason as to having a pet, most domestic pets love attention and so will be a perfect companion for those days when they feel low. They also will just do strange and funny things throughout the day which can bring a smile to their face.

Moving or Downsizing:

If the house starts to become an upsetting place to be after losing a partner then downsizing may be the option for you. Moving house is a very big decision to make, even more so if the house being moved from has been lived in for a long time and has a lot of memories attached to it. It is something that shouldn't be rushed and should start with a simple clear out as this will help let go of smaller things before building up to the house. Moving house can also open up new opportunities to meet new people in the new location they've moved to. It is very plausible that in new surroundings they become more outgoing, sociable and become heavily involved in the local community. If moving house is a step to far consider renovating or redecorating certain rooms to add some elements of change/moving forwards. This will also provide them with a new project to focus on and will hopefully help them take their mind off any upsetting thoughts that may come their way throughout the day.


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