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As you age, it is important to keep on top of your respiratory health and keep the system as efficient as possible to reduce breathing difficulties and avoid any respiratory diseases. The lungs main functions are to get oxygen into the bloodstream and remove carbon dioxide f...
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Technology has advanced so much over the last decade that there are now 1000's of pieces of equipment designed to help manage elderly people’s health and wellbeing. These pieces of technology can really improve quality of life for the user and also for family members as th...
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As we pass almost 16 months since the start of the first lockdown many people will be struggling with symptoms of pandemic fatigue. Pandemic fatigue is essentially exhaustion caused by months on months of pandemic related stress. Older people are also more at risk of having ...
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Keeping fit and healthy in later life is very important for both physical and emotional wellbeing and there are a plethora of ways to make sure that your elderly relatives achieve this. Not only does it have positive effect on their day but staying active can help delay the ...
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Gardening is one of those activities that almost anyone of any age can do and as we move into the summer months it can be a great way to get outside and enjoy the fresh air and sun. Luckily gardening is an activity that doesn't require a large amount of land or effort, plus ...
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It can be very difficult to watch when one of our loved ones begin to struggle to look after themselves, even more so when they can't see it or refuse help when you offer it. It can be a very sensitive subject for some and therefore it is very important that you approach the...
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