At Angelcare we want to provide the best care and promote client independence in the comfort of their own home. Each care package is suited to each customer with great flexibility and monitored care visits can last from 30mins to 24 hours a day.

Our care packages cover a vast range of needs can be modified for clients who require very little help to maintain their independence to those who have more complex needs.

Our personal care plans cover the following:

- Domestic duties
- Medication
- Meal preparation 
- Dog walking/ Pet service 
- Shopping
- Social calls/ Day trips
- Over night care
- Patient transport for hospital appointments 
- Re-enablement care after discharges 
- Specialist care/ End of life care


Sometimes cleaning and other domestic tasks become tiring, but there is no need to worry as we offer a fantastic domestic service!

Our Angels are domestic goddesses and we have an incredible cleaning team. We can offer services such as washing, basic or deep cleaning, dusting, hoovering, ironing, and cleaning those dishes! Our little helpers can clean those hard to reach areas indoors and out. Be sure to ring our team for more information.


Do you find it hard to go shopping or struggle with pushing the trolley? Our Angels are the best shoppers! They can drive you to your favourite supermarket or town centre and assist you shopping or you can send them out on your behalf. Whether it is weekly food shop or treating yourself to a new dress or coat, this service is perfect for you!


Hey we understand that pottering around the garden is important to you but maybe you're not as good on your feet as you use to be. Don't worry, our carers can come and support you. We can help you with mowing the lawn, planting some flowers or pulling up those dreaded weeds. Keeping your independence is very important to us so we are also happy to simply help guide you or move those slightly too heavy items in-between other jobs we can provide in our practical care packages.

Pet Services

We understand that sometimes it is hard to find the time or energy to fully look after your pets but we don't want to see you need to give them away or struggle to keep them healthy. We offer a pet welfare service where we can walk your pets or help maintain their kennels or hutches. We even have experience qualified pet carers to suit your pets needs too!

Day trips/ Outings

Fancy a trip to the beach for an ice cream or a stroll round the park?

Our carers can provide a safe and exciting day out for our clients to help get them out of the house. This services is especially popular during the summer months when the sun is out and lots of local attractions come to life.

This service is very fun and our carers are always keen for an outing.

Live in

Do you want to stay in your own home but need 24/7 care?

We can provide a live in carer to stay with you and meet all your needs. This will help provide some reassurance for both yourself and your family.

We do have live in carers available but this is limited.


We have twilight carers who sleep during the day and are there for you at night.

We can have one of our angels stay and look after you over night either for personal care such as toileting or for your peace of mind.

We can also have carers come in at night to take pressure off your loved ones.


Are you lonely or need someone to talk to? 

Our Angels are chatter boxes and would love to keep you company, we can come round and sit with you a few hours a week, play some games, enjoy some tea and biscuits or talk about whatever is on your mind, we are all ears. 

This is a very popular service.


We understand that being a family member of a loved one who is ill or needs support can be tiring. We offer a respite service so we can come in for a few hours a day or week and let you have a break and recharge. Its important that you get some rest too! Our carers are supportive and would love to help. 

We also offer support to other care companies by offering a respite service for their carers.


Struggling with getting to and from appointments or cannot find someone to take you? Like no other company in this area we can offer transport and morale support with appointments. We can take you in our company cars and accompany you to all of your hospital or other appointments. All our cars are insured to take customers and our Angels would be delighted to make your journey and appointments easier for you.


Have you recently come out of hospital after being poorly or had a big operation?

Don't worry we can help you get back on your feet and back to normal in no time. This service can be temporary until you feel better or for you to get you use to our Angels.

Specialist Care

Dementia Care

Did you know around 850,000 people in the UK are living with dementia?

We offer a service for those who need our help. All our staff are qualified and whether your loved one has slight confusion or has been diagnosed with dementia will be able to offer a service that is right for them. Our staff are patient, experienced and understanding an will be able to support with stimulation or come in to provide respite for you.

End of Life

This service is very important to us.

We have an incredible palliative care team who work in pairs to ensure the best end of life care for your loved ones, no job is too big or too small. Our team are compassionate, supportive and have an abundance of experience with this type of care. We offer all sides of palliative care including oral care, pressure care and personal care. All our staff are trained with hoists and specific care equipment related to these packages.


Our carers are trained with wheelchairs, hoists and all other equipment required in working with disabled clients. They work in pairs to help with personal care, toileting and any other tasks that assistance is needed for.


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